Media Information

We are a two-person dream team that has been working in what we call network marketing since 2012. Before we began, we were working in different companies in the sales and marketing division, and we have built a good reputation in our respective niches.

We met at an opportunity event, and began dating, and soon enough our romantic partnership extended itself into our professional life when we decided to start out on our own with our extensive time in sales. We have been able to train thousands of distributors and salespeople with proven strategies and completely out of the box methods to ensure that we are enabling a workforce of people who are committed and are practicing ethical business.

We Are Different

We are in a very competitive space. Everyone wants to make a quick buck through MLM schemes and ends up making it look like a pyramid scheme and have managed to fool so many investors. We have made it our mission to tackle this menace one distributor at a time. There is nothing wrong with making money, however, it is a problem if your goal is profit and not the joy of making a positive contribution.

If you are ethical in your way of doing work, then, people will respect you and also make sure that your product will be loved. Since we began, we have done thorough background checks on the people we work with, and have ensured that they genuinely want to learn about MLM and practice it ethically. Anyone who even hints at a profit-centric mentality, is shown the door.

Our strategies are proven and effective and take into account the mood in the market as well as the power of social media to make sure that you are getting the best out of the platforms available today. IF you would like to know more, send us an email on, we will be more than happy to field your queries. A phone interview or one-on-one can also be arranged once you reach out to us with your requirements.